Denim Wallet Navy Darkbrown

IDR 120,000.00



Osberg denim wallets exterior made of denim navy 12oz & waterproof lining while in the interior we used PU brown leather. Our denim wallet can fade along the usage, also the waterproof interior will make your card & cash more safety from water.

Dimension : 9 cm Width x 11 cm Length x 2 cm thickness when folded

Specification :
- Denim Navy 12oz in the exterior

- PU Leather in the interior
- 5 card slots
- 1 photo slot
- 2 cash slot
- Waterproof lining
- Use coats industrial thread (Global Leaders In Sewing Thread)
- Protected by repair warranty

Bonus :
Waterproof Goodie Pouch

Denim wallet does not require any special care, unlike leather wallet that must be treated so the leather quality is maintained. Denim wallet only needs to be washed after four months of use so it will fade nicely.